We are a company from San Justo - Santa Fe, Argentina. We produce windmills to pump water. Our brand is CASSINA.

A windmill is a mechanical machine which uses the power of the wind to pump up underground water to the surface. (Posición Arancelaria es 8413.8 y Anexos.). This machine is supported by a tall metallic structure called tower.

CASSINA, leading brand since its beginning, with “60 years“ of path supporting its experience and quality. Its continuous technological developments offer several options to the agro-industrial and livestock sectors.

A CASSINA windmill is an indispensable tool for working in the renewable energy developments or the “water management” in a lower cost and in an ecological way. This allows to access to an essential element for human: Drinking water. This not only improves the health of communities, but also allows develop productive enterprises, solving nutritional and social problems.

CASSINA WINDMILLS has penetrated the international market since 2010, exporting to Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.

CASSINA windmills are the machines with the highest potential in the market. They were created to satisfy the need of water of the human and the livestock, in those areas with low wind potential. Taking into account, more wind means more water flow.

CASSINA has developed a new technology in windmills to the water extraction: The use of lighter materials than the competition (nodular steel vs. ordinary steel), gives huge mechanical advantages and facilitates transporting, installation and maintenance.

All the movements of the pieces of the windmill involve ball bearings.

These pieces are semi-submerged in oil, eliminating the friction, allowing a smoother work and creating a self-lubrication system.The windmill has an automatic locking system against strong winds, increasing its lifetime.

Its fins are made from galvanized sheet to prevent corrosion. They are molded in one piece which, combined whit the ingenious design of the wheel, facilitates installation and repair. Without the needing of dismount the windmill, it is possible to change easily its pieces. Maintenance is almost zero. Is only advisable to check oil level and lubricate the external parts annually.

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